Wednesday, June 06, 2012

‘Sandpiper’s’ Centreplate Case and her Anchor

Yesterday, in order to install ‘Sandpiper’s’ centreplate, I had to remove a small section of the cover that seals the top of her centreplate case. Today I replaced it with a piece of transparent Polycarbonate so that I now have an observation window at the forward end of the case. In future I shall be able to remove the window when and if I have to extract the centreplate.

Not long ago I saw a bargain on Ebay for a 5 kilogram Danforth anchor, complete with 2 metres of 6 millimetre galvanised chain and 30 metres of 12 millimetre warp. The whole lot came to a total of £44.99, including free delivery. Needless to say, I took advantage of the offer, but when the package arrived by courier and I examined the anchor I thought it was a trifle large for my 14 foot boat.

Nevertheless, I can be assured that it will hold when a smaller, lighter one may not.

Finding a place to stow it has been problematical, but I think I have found a solution. The foredeck is the obvious location where it will be handy for instant use. There it will be well away from the ship’s compass, and the weight will help with the longitudinal balance of the boat. I shall want plenty of weight at the bow to counteract my weight when I’m in the cockpit and that of the outboard.

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