Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Inserting 'Sandpiper's' Centreplate

Getting her on her side.


When I removed ‘Sandpiper’s’ centreplate I had previously extracted the retaining bolt. This allowed me to pull the plate out to the box without having to wriggle it past the obstruction. Today, I had to reinstall the centreplate, but with the bolt in place! That meant that I did not have enough open slot at the top of the box for the curved part of the centreplate to pass between. The only option was to cut away a small amount of the covering board at the forward end of the box. Having done that, the plate went in without a hitch.

Centreplate inserted.

Hauling her onto her trailer by winding the winch.
The newly galvanised centreplate is now housed within the box, but I shall have to make a small section of covering board to replace the piece I chiselled away. This should not be a big deal. I shall also have to exchange an old bolt and nut at the front of the box at the very top, because it is not sufficiently strong to take the loading. This particular nut and bolt keep the upper part of the box together, and it can be used as a support for the curved part of the centreplate, should the need arise.

Making ‘Sandpiper’ ready for the water is taking longer than I anticipated, but there’s no hurry. I’d rather do a good job to eliminate possible anxiety on my part when I first launch her. If I can be sure all things are as they should be, I shall not be worried about launching the boat. Firstly, she must not leak, and secondly, all moving parts must function perfectly.

Well, we shall see in due time. 

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