Thursday, June 07, 2012

Mick Dawson and Chris Martin Row the Pacific

Cropped photo of my computer screen.

The weather in the UK today is lousy. There’s a dark sky and the rain is lashing down. Tomorrow will be the same, according to the forecast, but much windier. With that prospect, I’m not likely to make any progress on ‘Sandpiper’; instead, I shall be doing those things I should have done at home and I shall find time to look at a few Internet sites, including YouTube, where I’ve found a brilliant video featuring Christ Martin and Mick Dawson, who together became the first duo to row across the North Pacific. They did it non-stop from Choshi, Japan to San Francisco.

Here’s the link:

You will not fail to be amazed at their achievement of rowing about 7,000 miles against the odds. They experienced full gales, saw whales, sharks and other sea creatures.

So join them without the pain and toil as you sit in your armchair sipping a cool drink.


P.S. Chris Martin is organizing a Pacific rowing race. Details can be found at his website:

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