Thursday, May 03, 2012

‘Talitha’ leaves home for another abode

When you build a boat you incorporate into her a portion of your soul. She was formed by your hands. She’s like one of your babies whom you nurture into maturity by your love and care that goes into her making. You put her through her paces and enjoy the fun. If she is built well she will stand the test of time and give much joy to her various owners. 
The new owner (on the left) and his assistant.

The moment arrives when you have to say farewell, and she departs for a new life under the care and protection of another person who pledges time, money and love for a meaningful relationship, or at least that’s what you would hope. You never want to find ‘your’ boat, for she is always ‘yours’, in a state of dilapidation and abandonment. I couldn’t bear to think of anything unfortunate happening to ‘Talitha’, and I hope that she will be cosseted and well maintained. The new owner showed a keen interest in my briefing and I feel sure he will look after her. 

I sold ‘Talitha’ via Ebay on 19th April, 2012, but not until today was she collected from her ‘boathouse’ - the garage, where she was formed. This afternoon she was taken atop a large van destined for the Lymington area, possibly for sailing at Keyhaven where she should do well. The open water of the Solent is immediately available, and on a fine day there are few better places for a spot of yachting. The tide can whip around Hurst Point; therefore prudence will be needed, but there’s a fine stretch of water between Keyhaven and Lymington. Within the Harbour at Keyhaven, if she strays from the channels, and she touches bottom, there should be no problem in getting her off, simply by raising the keel a few inches. 

It is my hope that ‘Talitha’ will giver her new owner much pleasure.


Patrick Hay said...

She is going to the sailing waters from which your new boat originated. There's something rather appropriate about that.

Brian said...

Perhaps I will see her at Keyhaven? Hope so, I would love to try sailing her. I have had a wonderful surprise. One of my favourite 12' dinghy designs is Paul Gartside's Riff. You may have seen the unfinished hull on eBay. I won the auction and her she is.

William Serjeant said...


The Gartside dinghy is a real beauty.

You may get your chance to sail 'Talitha', as I have given your name to the new owner. He may seek you out at the Yacht Club.


Ed Corbett Jr. said...

Bill thanks very much for your hospitality and for the briefing - the trip was completed without incident - will let you know how I fare! The assistant was my son Daniel btw.