Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Engine - note there is no Honda insignia on the cowling.

I obtained ‘Sandpiper’s’ engine from Ebay at what would appear to be a very reasonable price. When you shop at Ebay there are certain risks. Being able to see items in the flesh before bidding or making offers is not always feasible, and when they arrive on your doorstep where they can be examined in detail, they may not match up to the description, including visuals as portrayed by photos. Under these circumstances there are avenues of redress, and Ebay does have certain guarantees if the buyer pays through PayPal.
Photo in Ebay listing.

It wasn’t until I arrived home after collecting the Honda 2HP BF2 air cooled outboard that I realised the cowling was different to the one shown in the advertisement photos - except for one of them. Had I been mislead by them when I made my winning bid? I would have preferred the cowling with the Honda insignia, and I have expressed this view to the seller. So far he has not replied.
Another view of the engine as it is.

At the time of collecting the engine I saw and heard it running, and all seemed well. At each pull of the starting cord the engine fired into life and purred nicely. There were no perceptible exhaust fumes, and the cooling water for the exhaust system flowed abundantly. I was told by the seller that he had replenished the engine and gearbox oils. He had cleaned the plug and checked the gap with a feeler gauge. Exterior moving parts such as the clamp screws and the steering friction bolt had been treated with marine anti-corrosion grease. I was given an extra propeller.
Ebay photo.

Well, apart from the cowling, I am pleased with the engine. I should have looked more carefully at the advertisement photographs. I only hope that when I come to use the engine that it will perform as it should. To that purpose, I may have to buy an outboard bracket that will allow the engine to be lowered to a point where the water level is four inches above the anti-cavitation plate, as per instruction in the manual. That is to ensure that water can enter the cooling system for the exhaust. The lower the propeller, the better it will work, but the exhaust exit must not be throttled by being too low in the water.

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