Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mounting ‘Sandpiper’s’ Compass

I mounted the Bosun compass today. The only practical place for it was on the outward side of the lower washboard. There it will be clear of ropes etc when I am working the boat, and at the same time it will be just at the right height for me to observe the ship’s heading when I’m at the helm. The compass will only be used when the boat is underway; therefore it will not matter if the washboard partially blocks the companionway. If I have to enter the cabin, I can remove the washboard and place it along with the compass on the leeward side of the cockpit floor where it will be relatively secure.

When the compass is not in use I shall keep it on its second mounting bracket which I fitted to the forward bulkhead below the washing-up bowl. There it will be out of harm’s way, and yet be available for checking the ship’s heading if she happens to be underway while being steered by the Autohelm, and I’m in the cabin avoiding the rain!

There is a forward window, and windows either side of the cabin; therefore I should be able to observe what is happening outside, even astern if I do not fit the upper washboard. I suspect ‘Sandpiper’ will not always sail a steady course when being steering by the Autohelm, particularly if the wind is gusty, but I’ll deal with that when it happens, probably by sitting in the cockpit, and getting wet.

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