Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Epoxy for ‘Sandpiper’

Before the first coat of epoxy.

After an application of epoxy and epoxy putty.

Before taking on the role of chauffeur for my grandson, early this morning, I epoxied all three runners. The central runner received three coats and the outside ones, two coats.

 Chauffeuring went to plan, and at my grandson’s place I put on my other hat, that of locksmith. B & Q didn’t have the exact lock that was required for the entrance door, but by moving the handles I could make it fit.

Having installed the lock I returned home and epoxied the runners yet again. Then I prepared the external woodwork for further varnishing and applied a fresh coat of polyurethane varnish. I’m not keen on that type of varnish, but as I had some I decided to use it. I also sanded the tabernacle and painted it. After this TLC ‘Sandpiper is smiling.
Chips on the inside edges of the slot repaired with epoxy putty.

My next job will be painting the bottom of the boat with an undercoat and two or more upper coats of water resistant paint. Yes, she will become scratched again, but applying a fresh coat of paint next season will not break the bank, nor will it be time-consuming.

I am deciding whether to paint the topsides before putting ‘Sandpiper’ in the water. The owner prior to the one from whom I bought her sanded the topsides, presumably to prepare them for painting.

I have to make a decision about extracting the centreplate which appears to be rusted on the leading edge, but without a thorough examination I shall not be able to discover the extent of the rust. Getting the plate out is not a job I shall look forward to, because I think I shall have to remove the board that covers the opening at the top of the centreplate case.    

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