Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adieu and Onwards

Today I said farewell to ‘Talitha’s’ trailer after delivering it to a new owner. Altogether I only used the trailer six times, but as 'Talitha' is no longer owned by me, I have no reason for keeping it.

Therefore, from today, I can concentrate on making ‘Sandpiper’, my ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter, ready for the water. This afternoon, to that end, I did a little work shaping two epoxy cheeks that I intend joining to the centreplate box. They will be part of a new support system for the galvanized iron centreplate. I shall drill holes through the cheeks to fit the bolt upon which the centreplate articulates.

As explained in Friday’s post, I’m hoping I shall be able to attach the cheeks to the centreplate box. I intend doing it with epoxy resin and woven roving, but not before drilling holes through the cheeks to exactly fit the bolt. I’ll have to perfectly align the holes with those already in the box.

Now that I do not own ‘Talitha’ I shall no longer be distracted by her, which will leave me free for making ‘Sandpiper’ ready for the water.

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