Friday, May 25, 2012

‘Sandpiper’s’ Underside - Part 2

Yesterday I was concerned that epoxy I had applied to the area forward of the opening for the centreplate was not curing, but by late afternoon today it was dry to the touch.

For the past couple of days I have been blessed with ideal conditions for preparing the underside of ‘Sandpiper’ for further applications of epoxy and paint, but I have only had brief moments in which to carry out the task. That was because life has been too hectic with demands upon my time. The theme continues; because this morning I was unexpectedly called out to assist one of my daughters who was on her way to an appointment, but she couldn’t complete her journey because of a flat tyre. This afternoon I attended a function at the church, and this evening I did not want to forgo my customary walk.

All in all, I guess I was able to put in about a total of three hours smoothing the exterior of the hull below the waterline. Most effort went into sorting out previous repairs to the runners, because whoever did them was not skilled in applying epoxy.

Tomorrow I shall be a chauffer for one of my grandsons, and I shall also be his locksmith. He would like me to install a good quality lock to his living accommodation which happens to be 75 miles from where I live! How long these things will take is anyone’s guess. Therefore I doubt that much progress will be made on preparing ‘Sandpiper’ for the water.


Paul Mullings said...

Well done Bill you are the ultimate Father/ Grandfather I am sure they appreciate your generosity ;-)

William Serjeant said...


The latch on the lock had to be reversed, which was almost too much for this poor locksmith. More by luck than knowledge the jigsaw fell into place.

I was grateful and my grandson was grateful too.