Tuesday, February 21, 2012

‘Molly’ – a Debutante Pocket Cruiser

At the time of writing this article there’s a 1961 Debutante for sale at Ebay with name ‘Deborah’. The owner says she’s only been owned by three people and that very little needs to be done to make her ready for the water, but she lacks a suit of sails.

Designed by Robert Tucker, these plywood pocket-cruisers underwent subtle developments; the Mark 2, had a self-draining cockpit and more ballast than the original. The Mark 3 was known as the Gallant. Tristan Jones sailed a Debutante on both the highest and lowest waters of the world. It took him six years of adventuresome voyaging to obtain the record, and you can read his book, ‘The Incredible Voyage’ to learn how he overcame enormous difficulties doing it.

Not so long ago I noticed a nice looking Debutante with the name ‘Molly’ moored beside the canal at Heybridge, Essex. I discovered that she was for sale, but in my opinion at an over-inflated price when compared with other Debutantes for sale. The problem is that owners who renovate vessels sometimes expend more cash on them than can be recovered when the vessel is sold. They remember the many hours of loving labour lavished on their pride and joy, and as a result they over-estimate the true value of their possession. Sadly, the owners will not part with their boats at a loss, and as time ticks on, their vessels deteriorate and eventually they become wrecks. I’ve seen it happen and morn the loss of such boats.

I sincerely hope ‘Molly’ does not await such a fate.

Text for the Day

Psalm 19:1 ‘The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.’


Debutante 21


Tristan Jones – The Incredible Voyage


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