Saturday, July 11, 2015

No More Cutting of Slabs

Cutting bench

This is what is left of all the original slabs

Fiddly bits

The narrow side pieces have yet to be mortared

General view

My neighbours will be relieved, because there will be no more cutting of slabs – no more noise and dust to put up with. The whole morning was spent shaping pieces of slabs. I used every slab that came with the original delivery, with the exception of a few odds and ends.

During the afternoon and early evening I arranged the fiddly bits and set them in mortar.

There are eight more narrow side pieces yet to be fixed and two more very narrow bits between the shed and the garage.

Apart from realigning the shrubbery boarder mouldings and tidying the joins between the slabs, within a couple of days I should have finished the entire patio.

The forecast for the next couple of days suggests there will be some rain - quite a bit on Monday that could hamper progress.


Alden Smith said...

Congratulations, you are nearly there (and it looks great) - then it's time (and the weather) for a sail, to blow away the building cobwebs.

Stephen Mundane said...


I imagine that your wife will be very pleased with all your progress over the past few days. I think you deserve a rest too!