Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finishing Touches to the Patio

I finished building the patio a few days ago. Today, my wife and I gave it the finishing touches by adding six solar lights, a candle lantern, a hanging basket, a cordyline plant and a dwarf palm tree.

The solar lights were designed with short supports that could be stuck in the ground, but I mounted them on metal rods that I attached to the patio wall. This makes them more visible, and dare I say it, more attractive. At night, the light they emit gradually changes, simulating the colours of a rainbow, i.e., red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet.

I made their supports from chromium plated hanger rods - the sort you find in wardrobes - and I fixed them to the wall with homemade aluminium brackets. My wife arranged the hanging basket, and she planted the cordyline and dwarf palm tree in large, square-topped pots. She also put a decorated candle in the lantern.


Cole and Bright (Manufacturers of the Solar Ice Orb Light)

Solar Ice Orb Light – Black Nickel

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Unknown said...

What can I say, Bill? Youve made an already superb job even better. You may not be terribly popular with the menfolk who visit, they will be under the glare of their jealous wives, who are wondering,(sometimes aloud), 'why cant you do something even half as good for me?'
No excuses now, Pike awaits!