Friday, July 24, 2015

Charlie Pitcher – Part 2

When I first heard that Charlie Pitcher was to attempt a solo row around Great Britain I realised what a difficult task he had given himself. I’ve sailed quite a bit along the coasts of these waters from as far north as Peterhead, south and west through the English Channel to Western Ireland and I’ve come across some very difficult situations on account of bad weather. Therefore it was no surprise to me that Charlie would find the same, especially as he would be relying on his own strength and willpower to overcome adverse weather and many obstacles along the way.

Without a doubt Charlie is a very brave and selfless man who takes on the most difficult of challenges for fundraising and for testing his own resourcefulness and endurance. His ‘Day Thirty-One’ blog* tells of his disappointment at having to postpone continuing his row around Britain, but sensibly he put his family and business first, since he set himself a time limit for the row and was far behind the planned schedule. He says it has been the most difficult challenge so far, and that’s after rowing the Atlantic twice, completing a Scottish Ultra Run, doing a hundred-and-fifty-one mile Sahara run, plus several marathons.

Charlie is a hero of mine, and more so for taking on the most difficult challenge of his life. I wish him success at completing the row around Great Britain which I believe he will attempt to do next year.

Well done Charlie.

*Day Thirty-One Blog

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Stephen Mundane said...


Thanks for the link to the update. I don't think anyone will have a problem with Charlie's brave and sensible decision but only respect and admiration for his efforts thus far.

To be continued!

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I can only echo yours and Stephens comments. Well done, and big respect Charlie