Monday, July 27, 2015

Crewsaver Buoyancy Bag

Before I can take ‘Pike’ for a sail I must check that her stern buoyancy bag does not leak. When I bought her I found that the bag was deflated, and I presumed it leaked. It is a 1998 Crewsaver 27 kilogram (60 lbs), 760 mm x 230 mm polyurethane nylon, pillow-shaped bag that is held in place by two straps.

The cheapest new replacement would cost £33.50 from, including free delivery.  Altogether I looked at nine online chandlers, and I thought that Seamark Nunn would be the cheapest, but when I added the delivery charge of £4.99 it worked out at £35.90. The most expensive was CrewSafe at £38.45.

I tested the bag for leaks by submerging it in a bath of water and I couldn’t find any escaping air. Over the next few days I’ll monitor the situation to see if it gradually deflates.


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