Friday, July 10, 2015

Closer to Sailing ‘Pike’

As long as the weather holds, I can make progress towards finishing the patio; after which I can take ‘Pike’ for a sail. That is the goal - that is the incentive to press on.

Yet to do, is a narrow portion beside the shrubbery boarder. This section gradually tapers, the widest part being at the lawn end. Making these pieces of slab will entail a lot of measuring and cutting. The boarder edges are not quite straight, and at the higher end, closer to the house, the boarder mouldings dip, instead of gradually rising, as do the lower ones. Because of this, I may have to reset the mouldings so that their tops are in line with the upper surface of the slabs.

The last two rows of paving slabs have to be cleaned, and their joins tidied.

The possibility remains that I may be able to finish the patio before my wife returns on Monday from her mini break in Italy.

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