Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Patio and 'Ladybird'

A trench for the wall foundations has been cut

The ground has to be covered with a layer of hard core

'Ladybird' out of hibernation and painted with antifouling

This photo was taken on 9th May

The patio does not yet exist, but preparations are well under way. Materials from B & Q did not turn up when they should. I think this must have been an unusual failing on their part. Somehow, the consignment was not scheduled for delivery, despite receiving a text informing me that the shipment was due to arrive last Wednesday afternoon. Bully for them, they apologized and refunded me £25 for the inconvenience. The new delivery is due for Tuesday of next week. Surely they’ll get it right this time.

As things are, there’s plenty more preparatory work I can do before building the retaining wall.

I’m making the patio a priority, as my wife has plans for its use in the not too distant future when there will be a family gathering, God willing. We humans can make many plans, but they do not always materialize.

Although building the patio is a priority, time working on it is not sacrosanct. I have set aside this coming Monday for a sail - not with ‘Pike’, but by invitation, aboard ‘Ladybird’. I’m looking forward to getting out on the water, as it has been well over a year since my last sail.


‘Ladybird’ in Hibernation


Jim Schofield said...

Hi Bill,

Ladybird looks like a Seawych 19 ?

I sold my one last month and a friend and I sailed her 18 miles up the coast to Malahide to her new owners. An hour from Malahide, we heard a small craft warning from the coastguard and the wind piped up quickly. My partner, Martin, has done the Fastnet and several long races and it was his first time on a Seawych. Afterwards, over a pint, he expressed his delight at the little boat and how well she handled. We saw afterwards that it had been gusting 28 knots. I wouldn't willing go out in that wind again but the boat felt solid and safe.

Enjoy your trip.


William Serjeant said...


Yes, the Seawych is under-rated. She may not be the fasted boat to windward, but if handled correctly, she can stand up to a blow. The main thing is to reef early.

Incidentally, I saw your name and your Seawych in the entries list of the Jester Baltimore Challenge: The event is due to start this coming Sunday. I wish I could be there to watch the assembly and departure of boats at Plymouth.


Jim Schofield said...

That's right Bill, I have bought a Westerly Warwick recently, so it will be a voyage of discovery !

I hope to start from Pwllhelli, since it's a lot closer to me than Plymouth. It's all about the weather.