Thursday, June 25, 2015

Full Day

Sand and Shingle

Dismembered Pallet awaiting disposal

As expected, I had a very full day, much of it revolving around the demands of building the patio. I didn’t actually do any building work, but I disposed of unwanted earth to the local dump, bought and collected pea shingle to add to the existing hard core, and obtained a load of recycled glass in the form of artificial sand for bedding under the next lot of paving stones. I also dismembered a very heavy wooden pallet and put it into the car boot for taking to the dump tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to lay a few more paving slabs tomorrow. Showers are forecast for part of the morning, but they could miss my neck of Essex completely.

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Stephen Mundane said...

Bill, you can't go wrong observing the 5 Ps, "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance", though I remember that there were 6 of them back in my military days! Probably applies equally to sailing as slab laying eh.