Wednesday, December 18, 2013



Renovating ‘Minnow’ is a long term project; especially as many things intervene between working on her. Today, I could only find 10 minutes for varnishing her yuloh, but I tell myself that 10 minutes was better than no time at all.

Preparations for Christmas have suddenly become urgent; despite my wife’s tireless efforts over the last two months. She’s had loads of fun baking and decorating cakes; preparing and cooking pies and sausage rolls, plus buying and wrapping presents. Today was set aside for final decorations and last minute shopping. The tree was placed by the window; Father Christmas was stood ready with a bag of goodies at the front door; the Snowman wearing a top hat and stuffed with sweets took up station by the TV, and my wife made a decorative display on the sideboard.

We had planned that Christmas would be a quiet affair - a low-key happening. Instead, there will be jubilations as several family members get together. Mostly, the focus will be on our grandchildren and great grandchildren, but the adults will have fun too.

The real meaning of Christmas will not be forgotten; for the joy of Jesus will warm the cockles of our hearts. Divine intervention in staging His birth, where and when it had been foretold, was and is fortuitous to those upon whom His favour rests. (Luke 2:10-14)


Bible Gateway – Luke 2:10

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