Monday, May 27, 2013

Pottering - Part 32

I woke up later this morning knowing that I wouldn't be going anywhere. There was to be a southwesterly Force 4 - exactly what I didn't want for continuing to Weymouth or Portland. By the time I sail around Lulworth Firing Range the distance would be about 30 miles i.e., 10 to 12 hours on the go for a small boat like 'Sandpiper'.

The forecast for Tuesday is awful with rain and a strong headwind; therefore without a doubt I shall be here until Wednesday. Because spring tides are not good for day sailing to the west I shall have to make a very early start. 

That could be in my favour, because I doubt firing will take place in the dark, but I shall have to check with the officer in charge of the Range. Sailing a more direct course to Weymouth would shorten the time by at least an hour and a half.

This morning the anchorage was uncomfortable because the water was high enough to cover the banks exposing the yacht to a Force 5 from the SW.
Being bounced around at anchor was not a pleasant experience, but I was able to attend to several small jobs such as cleaning the cabin, removing dirt from the fuel funnel's filter, drying items that got wet yesterday, etc.

Close astern there is a motor yacht called 'Flapper 111', she is built from wood and she is in the style of a MFV. The only other nearby vessel is a Maxi 33, named 'Lazybones'. 

The time is 15.30, and having attended to things I wanted to do I have an opportunity for a nap..

Resuming the log at 19.00, I can say the day has been good. I'll leave you with two photos: one of Goathorn Point, and another of 'Flapper 111'.

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