Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pottering – Part 19

Early morning, River Roach and the Moon

To remind me that I am into my third week of a cruise with my West Wight Potter, and that this interlude ashore waiting for the weather to improve, must come to an end, I am posting a few photos taken to date.

I am hoping the weather will improve, and that I shall be able to make progress towards the West. However, if there is no respite, I shall have to consider taking the boat out of the water and bringing her home on her trailer. Should the weather later resemble what it ought to be in June and July, giving fine sunny days, I may be able to resume the cruise or do a spot of local cruising.

South Foreland
Anyway, I’m definitely returning to ‘Sandpiper’ tomorrow, Wednesday, 15th May, because I’ve paid for a train ticket. Travelling, from where I live to Eastbourne by local buses would be possible, but I don’t fancy changing buses nine times! The amount saved is not worth the hassle, and the time saved is worth more.

The XC Weather* wind charts show that there will be a light SW wind on Thursday and a light SE wind on Friday. That gives me a glimmer of hope that I may escape from Sovereign Yacht Harbour where fees are high - £22 a day. The trouble is, like most marinas, they have a minimum charge. The facilities are very good, however.



*XC Weather

BBC Weather

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