Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Pottering - Part 13

This has been a day for relaxing and attending to a few minor jobs such as sealing the air vent on the foredeck. Early this morning a band of heavy rain lashed the Yacht Harbour. That did not stop several fishing boats from going to sea.

By by mid morning the rain had cleared; therefore, I ferreted around the Harbour village. It has the largest ASDA I've ever seen. Naturally I bought a few items there.

After eating a Pot Noodle spicy chilli concoction I caught the 99 bus to Eastbourne. The pier was worth a visit, and like Southend's pier it is falling apart. I visibly felt the boarded pathway at the extreme end moving because of the sea.

Back at the marina complex I called into ASDA for a meal that turned out to be a tasty chicken masala.

This evening I rearranged a
number of items on the boat and did some cleaning.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

You caught "the 99 bus*t*", Bill??? Trust it was a comfortable ride.... :o)

Unknown said...


Glad you made it to Eastbourne OK Bill. The harbour is a little artificial in feel but it certainly offers a great place to stay for a battered Potterer. I've always thought Pevensey Bay looked a bit exposed.

What are your next ports of call?

I had a delightful pint in Wivenhoe this evening looking at the yachts - pictures on my blog.

Fair winds,


William Serjeant said...

Steve, The bus.was pretty good - especially as it was free! Doing more bus travel today to take a break at home until the wind turns fa countable.

William Serjeant said...

When I return to the boat I am hoping to continue westwards. My first port of call could be Newhaven, but I expect it will be Brighton. I have good memories of Brighton when I was skipper of the 'Speedwell', a 66' ketch sailing for the Discovery Dockland Trust.