Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday, 14th July

Yesterday's unpromising sunset
The floral theme continues
Metal Unicorn

There are some things in life that are free, and at the moment I’m using the WIFI connection at Exeter Public Library which is entirely free, except to access it from within the library while charging the laptop’s battery, and to have the use of a desk, the charge is £1.00 - really excellent value for money, especially as now and again there are exceptionally heavy rain showers accompanying a strong SW wind. In fact, that’s why I am back in Exeter for the third time, during this cruise. Another day being cooped up in ‘Ladybird’s’ cabin, while being jogged up and down was not an appealing prospect. Hence, I am here in the dry - it is not exactly warm, because all of the windows are wide open, as the rain lashes them.

On my way to the Library I almost became lost, because so many changes to buildings and roads have taken place since I lived at Exeter in the early 60s. The photos show a few of the things that drew my attention on the way to the Library.

Getting ashore this morning was a bit problematical on account of the strong wind and flood tide. I first had to bail out the dinghy which had water in it from the night’s deluge. As fast as I sponged the water out, more came in from the wave tops trapped between the yacht and the dinghy. I had a similar happening last evening when I had to go ashore to buy a new Calor Gas canister at the local garage. That time I foolishly went without wearing my oilskins. This morning I was better prepared. Even so, I could not fully protect the knapsack that contained my laptop. Anticipating this, I had placed it in plastic bag within the knapsack. The wind and tide did not allow me to row to the nearest underpass below the railway track; therefore I had to row downwind to the one at the Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club. I knew that if this was not achieved before 0900 there would be insufficient headroom to row through the tunnel because the water was rising.

I left the dinghy at the top of the slipway and made my way to the bus stop where after a short wait the bus arrived on time for a free ride to Exeter. Yes, being a Senior Citizen, I have a bus pass, courtesy of my local Council and the government aided scheme. I’m amazed this can be used widely for travel throughout England.

The time is 1220, which reminds me that lunchtime is near, so I’ll post this and have a break.

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