Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday,20th July

Bronze sculpture of Robert Baden-Powell
Close-up showing details

I’m getting used to this life aboard, rambling along the shoreline of Southern England. Wherever I stop, I explore the neighbourhood on foot and record what I see by taking digital photos, which I store on a memory card. Going back through the photographs when I get home will bring back memories of where I have been and what I saw.

Here at Poole there are so many things of interest, but my Blog is limited regarding the number of photographic illustrations I can include per posting. Four photos is probably the maximum, because they take time to download at your end when you access them. Therefore I have to be very, very selective as to what I include. Today is a case in point, because I took snapshots of the Commercial Harbour, Sunseeker Yachts outside the yard where they are built, several old buildings, items in the Museum including examples of the world-famous Poole pottery, and numerous other subjects, but I have chosen only one for now, a sculpture of Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout movement. He set up the first campsite with Scouts on Brownsea Island.

Sailing the boat from one location to another takes a lot of energy and I’m finding I need a rest now and again; therefore I have decided to stay at Poole Quay Boat Haven for another night. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll find a peaceful anchorage where I can recoup my energy for continuing.

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