Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, 13th July

The first view of the day

Starcross, Mike's Explorer in the foreground

I can’t believe it’s nearly halfway through the month. I have yet to make it to the heart of the South Coast, i.e., the Solent area. Today I have remained on the mooring at Starcross, courtesy of Rodney Brown, who owns it, and who will want to place his own boat on it this coming Friday. I am indebted to Mike, who has taken the initiative to inform me of these facts. Mike owns the Explorer 2 dinghy close by, shown in the photo of Starcross.

Since my waking at 0540 there has been little letup with the light rain that has dampened everything. Out of routine I listened to the 0710 Coastguard weather forecast, knowing full well I had no intention of sailing for Weymouth, Lyme Regis or Bridport. I do not enjoy sailing in the rain. Instead, I prepared myself for isolation aboard ‘Ladybird’ for a time of introspection, in harmony with the book I am reading, ‘Help Heavenward’, by Octavius Winslow. This was originally first published in 1896 by James Nisbet, now recently reprinted by The Banner of Truth Trust in the Year 2000. (ISBN 0 85151 775 7) I give the details, because there may be someone reading this who would like to get hold of a copy. The chapter I am currently studying has the subject heading, ‘Self-communion’. Basically, the matter discussed is about a self-examination to ascertain the state of ones heart in relation to communion with Jesus and obedience to Him and an assurance that all that has been needed to be done for salvation, has been achieved by Him.

So what would have been a wasted day stuck on the mooring, has been exactly the opposite, an uplifting time in ‘in the closet’. (Matthew 6:6)

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Chris said...

May GOD continue to richly bless you, William Serjeant. You are truly a credit to HIM.