Friday, July 30, 2010

Back Home

The driver and his cousin

The passengers

Forest and Jenny, the cats who are not stupid; they know where to stay cool in the shade!

One of the great things about being back home is that you are not cut off from family and friends, as when you are alone on a boat. I have been cruising my yacht for the past two months and I have missed close contact with those who are important to me: my wife, my children who have grown up, their children, some of whom have grown up and of course, my church family, the people I meet and worship with on Sundays and at other times. When you are on a boat by yourself, your decisions are simplified, because the main ones are concerned with your own safety and welfare, but when you are at your home base, your main decisions are about the welfare and wellbeing of those you love and care for.

Being involved, as ever, this morning I found myself in the role of driver for my wife, and carer for my triplet grandchildren. How closer could you get than this with doing something vital and worthwhile? It’s always a privilege and a responsibility to look after grandchildren, and a few hours ago I fully appreciated the love they have for me; likewise I enjoyed being able to show my love for them. An older granddaughter was with us as a third hand to help with the children. The boys each have their own buggies in which we took them to the local ASDA for slices of toast. This was a great treat for them at a place where they are well-known by the staff and regular shoppers. The fun we had cannot be measured; we had such a lovely time together. On the way back to their home we took a route away from the traffic, along a path through a green area where there are birds, insects and a variety of plants and trees. Butterflies were flitting to and fro under the summer sun and we saw a few ladybirds. The children wore hats to protect them from the sun’s scorching rays.

Back at home the boys had a late morning nap, while the two cats took up residence in the lounge to escape the heat. They are about fourteen years old, and very sprightly for their age. The male cat, who is named Forest tried staring me out, which he could not do, and he turned his head away in subjugation and defeat, but he was not daunted; he proudly lifted his head and looked towards his sister who was cleaning her mouth with one of her paws. The two cats live harmoniously together, and although much older than the triplets, they have accepted them into the family, as if they are their own kittens.

The boat is on hold, until I sort out the things I have to attend to, after being away for two months, but a decision will have to made, to sell the yacht, or to keep her. I also need to have a self-debriefing of the days spent aboard so that I can profit from the exercise, to take hold of what has been useful and take with me what will be valuable. What lessons were learned, and can they be applied to my future actions? Meanwhile ‘Ladybird’ is pining away without her skipper as she feels redundant while on a tether, hoping she will not be abandoned to a new owner.

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