Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, 16th July

Last night's gale
'Boss' Gull
General view with Mill Bridge
The stalking cat

Last night’s gale gave me a bumpy ride, but I had a good night after listening to Classic FM. Today was far more promising in terms of weather, and tomorrow looks even better. Perhaps I’ll be able to set sail for Weymouth in the morning?

Exeter seems to hold a fascination, because once again I was drawn to visit the City, and while there I saw one of my sister-in-laws.

I’m amazed how much has changed over the years since the early 60s. This time I explored the Exe River as far as Cowley Bridge. A lot of large-scale building works have been erected beside the railway line and along the river bank, much of it in the form of blocks of flats and new houses. One part that is quite attractive is the landscaping of the river bank by the Miller’s Bridge, which in itself is unusual, being based on a cantilever design with an enormous imitation millstone acting as a counterweight to balance the gravitation force acting on the cross-members.

While I was having a picnic beside the River, a ’boss’ gull took up residence a few feet away, hoping to be fed with morsels from me. He was the dominant gull who chased the others away. In the end I had to award him for his persistence and patience. I kind of softened to him and gave in. He didn’t like me offering anything to the other birds and aggressively attacked them.

A noticed at a cat stalking birds up a tree; he was so attractive I couldn’t resist taking a photo of him.

Passage planning has priority before I turn in for the night.

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