Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, 18th July

Dorchester Grace Baptist Church meets at the premises of the YMCA near Tesco
Before the worship
An almost clow-like ceramic figure at Dorchester Tesco
Another ceramic piece at Tesco
George 111 Memorial

If you are a Christian what do you do on a Sunday? Answer: You do the same as you do every day, you worship God, but more than that, if you have opportunity, you join with other worshippers to praise and adore Jesus. That said and done, this morning I had a special time with the fellowship at Dorchester Grace Baptist Church with a visiting preacher from Ulster. He very appropriately for me preached on the sovereignty of God, the God who controls and sustains all things, including every molecule of water. That made me think of the waves with their awesome power, waves that rose and fell over the Shambles Bank, to the east of Portland Bill. Yesterday I experienced the power of those waves firsthand and responded to them by acting with the tiller of ‘Ladybird’ to keep her in harmony with them. Likewise, I and others who worship God, react to what He ordains. He is the God who is more powerful than the waves, the wind and the whole universe, for He is the Creator who made them and controls them.

After our worship, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together. The day was one I shall not forget, because it was so enjoyable to be with brothers and sisters in Christ.

To occupy time before the church meeting I took an interest in the nearby Tesco, which I am led to believe was designed with special criteria to satisfy the whims of Prince Charles. One of the stipulations appears to have been the inclusion of creative art works. Almost hidden in the grand scheme there are small ceramic three-d pieces representing animals, plants and people. Exactly what their significance is I couldn’t say, but they certainly caught my attention.

Much grander than the Tesco grandeur, at Weymouth seafront there’s a huge memorial sculpture commemorating the 50th anniversary of the reign of George 111. While I was waiting for the arrival of the bus that would convey me to Dorchester I couldn’t resist taking photos of the ‘object‘.

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