Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, 19th July

'Condor Express'

Anvil Point

Old Harry

The first main decision of the morning was to put to sea rather than wait for the shops to open. Soon after leaving the berth at Weymouth, ‘Ladybird’ passed by the huge ‘Condor Express’, and when we were a mile on our way, a fast motor launch drew alongside enquiring if we intended to go south of the Lulworth Firing Range. I confirmed that was my intention. He asked if I thought the boat was too small to venture 6 miles out sea. I replied that I planned to sail to Poole; whereupon he gave me a latitude and a longitude waypoint which would ensure the boat would be outside of the Range.

Apart from the coastal scenery, which included the chalk cliffs of Lulworth Cove, until mid morning the trip was rather uninteresting, because I had to use the engine as there was insufficient wind for sailing. There were several other yachts all heading for the same waypoint, some from the east and others from the west. The only real excitement was at St. Alban’s Head where Race carried us along at a good lick. The next interesting stretch was in Poole Harbour where there were many boats speeding along. I needed eyes in the back of my head because ‘Ladybird’ was frequently overhauled.

Getting into Poole Quay Yacht Haven was easier than I thought it would be.

I’ll probably have a look at the Town tomorrow morning before finding an anchorage in the Harbour.

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