Saturday, May 09, 2015

Corby 29 IRC Yacht

The racing yacht featured here is a Corby 29 that is for sale at Clarke and Carter, Burnham Yacht Harbour. The first thing I noticed about her was her narrow fixed keel that has a double pointed lead bulb at the base. I have subsequently discovered she has a draught of 6’ 6”. For local racing on the River Crouch that must give her a bit of a handicap, but no doubt she has raced further afield. Her actual IRC rating in 2013 was 0.990. Ratings range between 0.750 and 1.900, faster boats having higher ratings. From the Clarke and Carter advertisement* I see she was returned to the builder at the Isle of Wight for a minor refit and to have her hull stiffened in the keel area.

I like her very clean functional design, both inside and out, apart from the washboard door at the entrance to the cabin. The lesson has not been learnt from the fateful Fastnet Race when wedge-shaped washboards were easily dislodged and lost overboard, leaving yachts vulnerable.


*Corby 29 ‘Encore’ for Sale £33,000

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Alden Smith said...

She looks like a flyer!!