Saturday, May 30, 2015

Guy Thompson T 24

Guy Thompson designed three ‘T’ yachts: the T 24, the T 27 and the T 31. Here we have his smallest, the T 24.

His practice was to first make a scale model; test it, modify if necessary and test again, and when satisfied use the lines for the drawings of the full-size yacht. Interestingly he wanted minimum wetted surface, a high ballast ratio and a skeg mounted rudder placed well aft for directional stability. Both ends of the boat were full to prevent pitching. This combination with a very practical interior for a crew of two or three was a winner. She was fast and could be described as a cruiser/racer.

Forget the fact that she has five berths, for the interior is small by modern standards, and with five persons aboard they would feel cramped.

As I prepare this post, there’s a very nice Thompson T24 at Ebay. The asking price is £9,000. To see the advert key in the following number into the Ebay search box: 391143969201.

LOA:  24 ft
LWL: 21 ft
Beam: 8 ft
Draught: 5 ft 3 in


Guy Thompson T24

Thompson 24

Guy Thompson Yacht Designs

Guy Thompson T24 (Nice photo)

Design 1969 Journal – Guy Thompson 24

Guy Thompson

Guy Thompson

Thompson 24 for Sale £3,750


Stephen Mundane said...

Beautiful hull design -- sometimes the old ones are the best. And I'm not saying that just because I'm older than the T 24 design! Thanks again Bill for shining a light on a forgotten gem.

Unknown said...

Hi thank you my first yacht was a T24 her name was Raha Bill Belcher had her build by DJ Perfect.
She won the 1971 solo Trans Tasmania yacht race.
I still own her today i am thinking of put her back in the water and going off shore for a while.
After a refitting.
Raha Sailed to New Zealand.
Has anyone els lived a cruiseing life on the model and can offer some advice please.