Friday, May 29, 2015

Charlie Pitcher Ready for Solo Round Britain Row

On numerous occasions I have written about Charlie Pitcher. He is a hero of mine, an extraordinary athlete and adventurer.

The time has come for him to set off on his valiant attempt to row around Britain. He plans to depart from the Royal Burnham Yacht Club this Sunday, 31st May, 2015 at midday. No doubt there will be a big send-off with many people cheering him and wishing him well.

The task ahead will be very daunting knowing that if he is to succeed he will have to row a minimum of 2,100 miles. There will be many hazards to overcome, natural and man-made. His most formidable adversary will be the wind, but there will be times when it will be his best friend, giving him a helping hand. Unlike the open waters of the ocean, waters around Britain are less deep, and fast tidal currents alternating between ebb and flow trouble the water’s surface.  Because of his proximity to land he will be confronted with headlands, sand banks, tidal races and overflows, plus wind farms, oil rigs, and all types of shipping.

He will have little respite and he will find it hard to sleep. If he is to row non-stop, except when resting or at anchor, he will need God on his side to succeed. I shall pray for his safety and for God to look favourably upon him.


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