Tuesday, May 05, 2015

‘Spirit of Mystery’ – Pete Goss’s Replica Mounts Bay Lugger

Not so long ago Pete Goss’s ‘Spirit of Mystery’ was for sale on Ebay.* She is a replica of a Mounts Bay Lugger that sailed to Australia in 1854/55. Pete and his crew set out from Newlyn on 28th October, 2008 to re-enact the epic voyage which they succeeded in doing, arriving in Melbourne on 9th March, 2009.

She was shipped back to England and sold by Pete to finance another project. I assume she has been sold for a second time, as I haven't seen her on Ebay for a while.

As to her whereabouts I do not know, but when I was sailing my West Wight Potter along the South Coast in the summer of 2013 I saw her at Looe on Saturday, 15th June.**  She was attending the Looe Lugger Festival.

Above your can see two photos I took of her with other luggers at the Festival. The photo below is the display photo for the Ebay advert.*

*Cornish Lugger ‘Spirit of Mystery’ for Sale at Ebay (Expired Ad with excellent photos):

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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, yes a lovely lugger. The style has persisted down the years, from sail, to auxillary sail with petrol/parafin engines, and then diesels. Testament, I feel to the guys who designed them, to be sea kindly, fast and functional.