Friday, January 17, 2014

Selling Boats Through Ebay

Mariner's Mate

Magnifik Midget

A theme worth reviewing at this time of year is the sale and purchase of boats through Ebay. I have used the facility more than once to good effect.

Bargains can be found. Here are two sailing boats that could be worth exploring: A Mariner’s Mate (Ebay #111258162633) and a Magnifik Midget (Ebay #141161773249) I am not recommending these particular boats as bargains, or good value for money. They just appeal to me and they may appeal to you.

Read my article ‘Ebay for Selling and Buying Boats’* and be careful to observe my advice to SEE a boat before bidding or buying her.


*Ebay for Selling and Buying Boats

‘Talitha’ is for Sale at Ebay

‘Sandpiper’ at Ebay Auction

Bidding at Ebay has commenced for selling ‘Sandpiper’

‘Caleb’ 50/50 Canoe on Ebay (An old article)

‘Kudu’ for Sale at Ebay (Anther old article)


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, strange how great minds think. I was rather taken with the Mariners Mate on e-bay too, especially with the lug sail, which would probably drive her along very nicely in the right conditions.
I'm loving the look of 'Minnow' by the way, and am keenly anticipating her launch as soon as the weather warms up some.

William Serjeant said...

Hi Richard,

Yes, I'm looking forward to launching 'Minnow', but there are about another 20 jobs to be done before she'll be ready!