Tuesday, January 21, 2014

‘Minnow’s’ Clew Fitting

‘Minnow’s’ clew fitting was very badly rusted. Today I filed and ground off the rust. Ideally I should take the fitting for galvanizing, but I’ve chosen an easier and cheaper option that will suffice for a couple of years. I’ve applied a coating of clear epoxy, and tomorrow I shall add another one. A third application should be enough to isolate the iron from the atmosphere. In time the epoxy will become chipped or scratched and sunlight will attack and weaken the surface.

If I still own the boat at that juncture I may make a new boom fitting, or I may get around to having the old one galvanized. A stainless steel fitting would be ideal, but time is running out before my proposed launch date of early April, 2014. I must press on to have all the necessary jobs finished before she is launched.

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