Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Richard Guziewicz’s 50/50 – Part 2

As a very welcome start to 2014, Richard Guziewicz emailed me with warm greetings and more photos of his Paul Fisher 50/50 decked sailing canoe.

Richard has now given ‘Brina’ a batwing rig, as per Paul’s design, except he has increased the girth of the mast. He has yet to try sailing the canoe in anything of a wind.

I rigged ‘Caleb’ with a batwing sail which turned out to be pretty good all-round. 


Richard Guziewicz’s 50/50

‘Caleb’ 50/50 Canoe

Photos of ‘Caleb’ Part 1

Photos of ‘Caleb’ Part 2

50/50 Sailing Canoe


Unknown said...

That certainly looks a lovely canoe. I have a sailing rig for my canadian canoe, it comprises a sprit-rig sail without boom, a leeboard, and a lifting rudder. Unfortunately, Ive yet to try it. In fact I've only had the canoe afloat once. Such is life, at least it costs nothing moored to the car-port wall, and is fairly well ready for use at any time.
A Happy New Year to you and your Family Bill, and to all this blogs readers, also.

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Richard. A Happy New Year to you too! Maybe you'll find a chance to sail your canoe again.