Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LED Lights for ‘Minnow’



I inherited two small LED lights when I acquired ‘Minnow’: a silver coloured 3 x LED battery light and a yellow 3 x LED solar powered one. Each of them fits into the palm of my hand. The battery powered light is a Rolson and the other is an Osram DOT-it. Unfortunately, the latter does not work, but I am intrigued by it, because it was powered by light from the sun; hence batteries were not required. That’s highly attractive. However, I’ve not found a source where I can get hold of a replacement.

Yesterday, Richard Green commented that when he was in his local Aldi he found a LED torch-cum-light that can be charged from the mains or from a cigarette lighter. The price was £13.14. His comment probably came in response to me saying I may fit a LED light in ‘Minnow’s’ lazarette. When I tried searching for the Aldi light via ‘Bing’, I was presented with a bewildering number of choices, but as far as I could see, none of them matched the price tag of £13.14.

Amazon markets a multitude of LED lights; including many manufactured by Rolson - the cheapest being only £0.11 for a 24 x LED light!!

I’ve opted to buy a package of three 3 x LED Rolson push lights, plus 9 batteries from Amazon. The total price inclusive of batteries was only £7.36. That’s astonishing value for money, considering each light will operate for about 100 hours before new batteries will be required. I have alternative batteries that are rechargeable, and the means of recharging them on the boat.


Rolson LED Lights by Amazon

Osram DOT-it LED Light

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