Tuesday, January 07, 2014

My Cruising Logs

Until today, the accounts of two cruises were missing from my Cruising Logs, both done with ‘Sandpiper’, my ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter. The first was a Poole Harbour Cruise, lasting just under a week, and the second was along the South Coast of England from Burnham-on-Crouch to Falmouth, lasting 66 days.

It took me 45 days to reach Plymouth!! This year, if I embark on a similar cruise with ‘Minnow’, I shall want to take no longer than a month to reach Plymouth. The aim is to be there before 11th May, 2014 to watch the start of the Jester Challenge.

If that cruise becomes a reality, I shall hope to add the account to the others.


My Cruising Logs

Here are links to the added cruises:

Poole Harbour with ‘Sandpiper’ – Part 1

Pottering – Part 1 (A South Coast Cruise)


Steve Carey said...

I like this blog layout with Sandpiper but not sure about the background.

As you are aware, no chance in even ordering plywood for the full-size PUFFIN yet. Mike Howard has basically produce a CAD set of plans with measurements for every item including inside the cabin. He is also building one and she will be called LUNNI (Finnish for Puffin!).

I would loved to have joined you in your cruise to Plymouth by day by day I get further behind with my projected launch date.

The final version model HULL is finished although I've not bonded in the rudder tube. As we've progressed with the new drawings, there have been a few changes. The only thing noticeable is the cabin coachroof is all on the same level and there is a substantial overhang at the front to act as a weathershield. More pictures shortly.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Steve for bringing us up to date re. Puffin.

In my experience of building boats I have found the anticipated time for completing one has always been less than the actual time.

Sailing in company is feasible with identical boats. When I had 'Faith' I sailed to the Scillies and back from Plymouth accompanied by Al aboard 'Little Jim', another Matt Layden Paradox.

We were seldom more than a few hundred metres apart.