Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Not exactly humdrum, I'm back into home routine.

Several things happened when I was away, the sort that I would normally have dealt with. When my wife was cutting the lawn, the mower bust into flames, and there was a gas leak from the pipe that supplies the house. I'm relieved both incidents were separated by time and place.

My wife dealt with these situations, which shows that she can cope without me. That's good to know. 

However, the day I arrived home I noticed something she had not; water was seeping from the central heating overflow pipe. It had dampened and stained the outside wall. In time, if not attended to, the wall would have been damaged.

Before the forecasted rain arrived this afternoon I was able to attend to several jobs, including taking rubbish to the local tip, cleaning the interior of the car, tidying the garage and stowing 'Sandpiper' there.

Sunny weather is forecast for this coming weekend, by which time the boat will be thoroughly dry. Hopefully I shall be able to touch her up with varnish and check everything to make sure all is good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

I came across your blog while googling my new pride and joy - a junk rigged Hunter Europa named zeta... And discovered you were the original owner! I got her in a swap with a mate from Benfleet Yacht club last year (where she'd apparently been full of water at the nearby dauntless boatyard for 15 - 20 odd years). My mate did the exterior + rerigged her and I fitted her out with new cabin over the winter. We both took her out for a sail on the Deben at the weekend - fantastic fun to sail. (I am a complete convert to junk). Thought you'd like to know she's enjoying a new lease of life.

Paul Mullings said...

While on the subject of junk rigs I guess you know this site http://www.junkrigassociation.org/ ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheers Paul - yes I've joined but not had a chance to look through much of the site yet

William Serjeant said...

You have made my day! I'm so pleased to have the good news that small 'Zeta' has been given a new lease of life. I thought she had died.
Please keep in touch.