Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pottering Photos – Looe Lugger Festival

On Saturday, 15th June I caught the bus to Looe with the purpose of seeing the Looe Lugger Festival and also to reconnoitre the harbour on the off chance that I might put in there on my way to Falmouth. It wasn’t until Tuesday, 18th June that I sailed from Plymouth bound for Fowey. I considered stopping at Looe for a night before continuing to Fowey, but the desire to continue west put paid to that idea.


The Looe Lugger Festival did not disappoint. Hundreds of sightseers were there and the atmosphere was festive.

This is the last of the series of photos illustrating my Pottering Cruise. I’ve had fun reviewing them and making them available to viewers for downloading to their computers for personal use. 


Pottering – Part 51 (The Looe Lugger Festival)

Pottering - Part 54 (Passage from Plymouth to Fowey)

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