Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sailing Again Aboard ‘Ladybird’

Almost to the day, a year ago, I was sailing aboard ‘Ladybird’, a Seawych 19’ that I once owned. I sold her to my daughter, who in turn sold her to the present owner. A year ago I accepted an invitation for a sail on ‘Ladybird’. (See link below.)

This evening I’m off to Burnham for a re-acquaintance, and to join ship at the start of a short cruise, perhaps lasting two or three days. I am to crew and to help with the navigation. The plan is to sail to Bradwell Marina on Monday, and return on Tuesday. The forecast is for S by W Force 4 to 5. The direction is good for the outward trip, but the strength is more than we shall want.

Returning via the Swin Spitway on Tuesday, could be problematical, because the wind will continue at Force 4, but instead of coming from S by W, it will come from the SW. Inevitably this will mean the wind will be on the nose, and since the tide will be against the wind after our arrival at the Spitway we can expect broken water from there into the Crouch. Progress will be slow, and the sailing challenging – that’s if we go ahead with it.

The forecast for Wednesday is better, because the wind will drop to Force 3. Unfortunately, it will come from the SW – exactly the opposite of what we would want. There will be light showers on the afternoons of Monday and Wednesday. Thankfully, Tuesday appears to be free of precipitation.

Early on Monday morning, after listening to the Shipping Forecast, we’ll decide whether to go ahead with the planned cruise, or to do something different.


‘Ladybird’ on the Crouch

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