Friday, July 05, 2013

Refixing the Honda Outboard's Propeller

Over a year ago I bought a 1997 second-hand 2HP Honda outboard motor through Ebay. I was not convinced at the time that I had a bargain. (See link below.) However, since then the engine has given me good service.

On two or three occasions I failed to start it, because of applying too much choke, which in turn clogged the plug. If the air temperature is warm, there is no need for the choke. It will start first time when the accelerator is set correctly – that’s at a little more than idle speed. Twice the engine was dunked into the water, causing it to stop, the reason being too much back-pressure on the exhaust. Any petrol engine will stop if the exhaust fumes cannot escape.

I shall have to devise a system for pumping fuel from a supply tank located in the lazarette to the outboard’s tank. Paul from New Zeeland has given me an article* showing how such a system was made for a Seagull Outboard.

When I was trying to retrieve the boat from the water on Saturday, 29th June I got into a pickle. Things didn’t work out. (See link – Pottering – Part 65) The upshot was that I managed to snarl the propeller on the canoe’s painter, causing the shear pin to break. I was unable to extract a piece of the shear pin from the propeller shaft and had to abandon the attempt at taking the boat out of the water.

Today, by sawing off one of the burred ends of the broken shear pin I was able remove the remainder. I’ve ordered two new shear pins and two split pins from a Honda parts centre. The split pins prevent the propeller from falling off, and the shear pins link the propeller to the driveshaft.

While I was tending to the propeller I checked the engine oil and the carburettor drain plug. I was pleased the engine started on the first pull and that no petrol was leaking from the carburettor after my adjustments.

I doubt I shall have the replacement shear pins and split pins until Tuesday of next week, but when they arrive, I should be able to fit them within a minute or so.  
 *Extract from the British Seagull Newsletter (Supplied by Paul)



Sunday, May 6th (Purchasing my Honda Outboard)

Pottering – Part 65


Bursledon Blogger said...

Bill, don't know if it's possible on the Honda, but I just converted out Mariner 4HP to remote tank - really makes a great difference - I guess the fittings are easy to get hold of - really depends if the carb has a diaphragm pump

Be interesting to see Paul's idea for refilling integral tank as we have 2 other outboards with small tanks

William Serjeant said...


I accidentally deleted Paul's email with an attachment containing the magazine article.

No doubt Paull will send you an email with the attachment, or he will give us a link to the article.


Paul Mullings said...

Your wish is my command :)

William Serjeant said...

Thank you very much Paul. I have added the extract to this post.


Unknown said...

Hi,Have you use this shear pin before.If not try to use this.