Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Scamp' – Micro-sailboat

'Scamp' is an 11’ 11” by 5’ 4” day-sailer, capable of being cruised by a hardy soul or perhaps two toughies that enjoy each other’s company. This remarkable little boat can be trailed behind a medium size car and she can be built by amateurs. Small enough to fit into an average garage, she will be cheap to keep. 'Scamp' plans, drawn by John Welsford, can be obtained from Duckworks Builders Supplies*in the US. People outside the US and Canada will have to part with $163.50. This includes a shipping fee of $14.50. Within the US, plans and shipping amount to $158.50.


Gig Harbor Boat Works will be building a fibreglass version. (See last link.)


*Duckworks Boat Builders Supplies

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Fibreglass Version of 'Scamp'



photocurio said...

Welsford has come up with several original takes on the cruising dinghy concept. Scamp, Houdini, and the Navigator/Pathfinder siblings are all brilliant. It would be hard to choose one.
But I don't think I'd go for Scamp. The simplicity and spaciousness of Houdini, and the semi-paning hull and yawl rig of Navigator are both more interesting boats to me than Scamp.

William Serjeant said...

Yes, They are all good cruising dinghies; the advantage of 'Scamp' is that she can be built and kept in a garage. She's beamy, but she would fit into my garage.