Sunday, February 03, 2013

‘Mingming’ – Roger Taylor’s Junk Rig Corribee

I had heard Roger Taylor would be at the recent London Boat Show, and had I paid a visit to the show I would most definitely have wanted to meet him and to see his renowned ‘Mingming’. She’s a modified Corribee fitted with a junk rig. Roger has sailed thousands of miles aboard this tiny yacht and he has documented his voyaging in three books. (See links below)
Last Wednesday when walking at Burnham-on-Crouch I thought there may be a chance of seeing the Achilles that Roger is currently modifying by equipping her with a junk rig, along with other changes for making her more seaworthy. A little dickybird told me he was fitting her out at Rice and Cole. Perhaps she is in their shed, because I could not find her on their hardstanding. What I did find, was dear little ‘Mingming’ on her road trailer. She was there after having been exhibited at the Boat Show.
Naturally, I took photos, and here they are.
The Simple
Voyages of a Simple Sailor (Roger’s 1st Book)
Mingming and the Art of Minimal Ocean Sailing: More Voyages of a Simple Sailor (Roger’s 2nd Book)
Mingming and the Tonic of Wilderness: Yet more Voyages of a Simple Sailor (Roger’s 3rd Book)
‘Kudu’ Sold Subject to Completion
‘Kudu’ for Sale at Ebay
Corribee for Sale
Unified Corribee Website

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