Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dockrell 17 Dayboat

The Dockrell 17 would appear to be a stable day sailer, easy handled and suitable for a crew of up to three people. Information taken from the Dinghy Cruising Association’s website suggests she’s not the easiest boat for getting on and off her road trailer; that’s on account of her weight, i.e., she has a displacement of 1,100 lbs. It can take up to an hour’s preparation before she’s afloat and ready for a sail. Apparently, rowing her is not all that easy; therefore it’s recommended to have an outboard motor of at least 4 HP. On the plus side, she’s very forgiving and there’s plenty of space for stowage. She can be fitted with a folding canvas cuddy. Some were manufactured with hardtop cuddies, giving sitting headroom. The addition of a boom tent provides plenty of room for overnight camping.

There never has been a big market for day boats per se; therefore, for anyone seeking such a vessel, a Dockrell 17 could be a good choice. She’s robust enough to be left on a mooring, but best with a cover over her cockpit, because her central drain has been known to become blocked. Built-in buoyancy in four separate chambers ensures she will remain afloat if she becomes severely flooded. There is a lockable lazarette for stowing the engine, and an outboard well helps make the task of fitting and operating the engine that much easier than without.


LOA 16’ 09”
Beam 06’ 04”
Draught 03’ 00” (Plate down)
Sail Area 150 sq ft (Fractional Sloop)
First Built 1975
Hull Heavily constructed GRP

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Dockrell 17

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Dockrell 17 – Good Photos¤cy=GBP&units=Meters&seo=0&checked_boats=2279094&boat_id=2279094&back=/core/boats/1991/Dockrell-17-2279094/United-Kingdom&boat_id=2279094

Excellent Photos


WGEwald said...

Nice little sailboat. I had a Tanzer 16 which was similar.

Brody said...

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