Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Invader 22

Invader 22 at Hullbridge

There are thousands of small sailing cruisers for sale, which means there are bargains to be had for buyers. If you are on the lookout for a small yacht, you may consider a bilge or fin keel Invader 22. She has a lot to offer a small family, including a separate heads and a dinette for four on the port hand side. She also has a galley with standing headroom on the starboard side. Up forward she has a double ‘v’ berth, and under her cockpit, to starboard there’s a large, but secure quarter-berth. Full internal mouldings make for a clean and easily maintained yacht.

Another Hullbridge Invader 22

Designed by David Feltham, Invaders were built by a number of manufactures, including Walsham Marine and Isles of Norbury. I have not sailed an Invader 22, but from what I’ve seen, she should perform well under sail, because she has ample sail area, a high-aspect ratio Bermudan mainsail and a masthead Genoa. I like her large, deep cockpit which can safely accommodate a crew of four. Mechanical propulsion comes in the form of an outboard engine mounted on her transom. One or two Invaders were fitted with inboard Seagull engines, and I know that at least one was fitted with a Volvo Penta MB2A four stroke petrol engine of the Saildrive type.


LOA 22’
LWL 19’
Beam 8’
Draught 2’ 8” Twin Keel - 3’ 9” with Fin Keel
Ballast 1,650 lbs
Displacement 4,000 lbs
Working Sail Area 212 sq ft (260 sq ft with the large Genoa)
Designer David Feltham

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Bursledon Blogger said...

Small world - they were a very well packaged boat, I nearly bought one in the late 1980's on a mooring in Hullbridge - I recall the sailing club was really nice - but my wife vetoed in favour of a Virgo voyager

William Serjeant said...

My wife seldom sails with me; hence she has never had a veto in that respect. Owning more than one boat at a time is a different matter!

The interior of a Virgo Voyager may have more appeal to female partners, wives, lady sailors than the Invader 22. The Voyager is more spacious, by far.

As you know, I owned a Voyager, and I couldn't fault the accommodation - performance wasn't all that great. She was a bit like a floating caravan. Nice boat, all the same.


Unknown said...

Small world indeed - I now own the Invader 22 in your top pic - Jomel. Versatile boat with a well suited Bukh DV10 Diesel inboard. Now lives on the Medway!
As you said Bill, good accommodation and facilities..

Arrfinch said...

Hi mate I have just brought what I think is an early Invader 22, please message me back as would love to chat with someone who has one.