Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Roz made it! ‘Stop drifting, start rowing.’

The voyaging of Roz has been an extraordinary feat of endurance, tenacity and courage. Thousands, if not millions, have followed her exploits as recorded at http://rozsavage.com . By rowing the three major oceans of the world she has focussed our attention upon what she believes to be true; her passionate message is that we can all do our part in conserving the world’s resources if we each do little things to help. Her motto is, ‘One stroke at a time’. Millions of strokes with her oars have brought her to where she is at the end of her marathon. She has acted out her beliefs and convictions by demonstrating that big things can be achieved through many tiny actions. The pyramids were not built in a day, but by thousands who each did small things.

The ball is in our court. If we believe as Roz does, it’s up to us to do our part. We do not have to row around the world, but simply by small actions we can reduce our consumption of the world’s resources. Where possible we can work with nature by conserving the oceans, the rain forests, and we can choose those things that do not pollute the air we breathe and water which is so necessary for life. We can choose not to destroy our natural environment, the fishbowl in which we live. The choice is ours. Do we care, like Roz?

Roz urges us to ‘Stop drifting, start rowing’! Remember, it’s ‘One stroke at a time’.

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