Wednesday, October 22, 2014

‘Skylark’ Obsession – Part 2

Here we are again. Somehow I cannot avoid this boat. I first saw her in 2010 and she continues to fascinate me. In my most recent article about her I was very scathing; I could find little of merit to say about her, but one thing I know, she has a beautifully crafted interior that is in pristine condition.  Unfortunately, although she has ample light below from her many ports, these are of no use when it comes to seeing what’s going on outside, except perhaps to gain glimpses of the sky.

The first time I saw ‘Skylark’ I thought she would be weatherly because of her deep keel and twin rudders, but later I changed my mind because I discovered that I could make her roll by repeatedly pressing a side deck with my fingertips. The heavy, rather thick mast helped induce a rolling action like that of a pendulum.

Having been left open to the elements she has further deteriorated since my last visit. The winter months will take their toll, but why should I care? I cannot tell. Perhaps it is because I almost bought her, and I most probably would have, had I not bought ‘Sandpiper’, my ‘C’ Class West Wight Potter prior to having my ridiculously low offer accepted.

Despite her oddities, I am still beguiled by her, and yet at the same time, I know I shall never own her. I just wish someone would buy her and take care of her, even it she is a pig of a boat.


‘Skylark’ Obsession

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‘Skylark’ – an unusual junk-rigged yacht


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