Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Drifter', a Small Sailing Cruiser, perhaps a Finesse 21

I have not been able to positively identify this delightful small sailing cruiser, but she is similar to an A. F. Platt Finesse 21. The Finesse 24 would appear to have a higher cabin trunk, and differently shaped ports. ‘Drifter’, the boat featured here, has running backstays, whereas a Finesse 24 has standing backstays, and the former has been fitted with a bowsprit, making her a cutter. ‘Sea Bear’, the Finesse 21 for sale* at Watchet, has a single backstay and three shrouds either side. The two boats look very much alike.

This sort of sturdily constructed vessel with a centreplate and bilge runners is ideal for the shallow waters of the East Coast.


A F Platt (Finesse) Ltd.

Finesse 21- Sailboat Data.com

*Finesse 21 8Sea Bear’ for Sale £8,950

Finesse 24 for Sale £4,250 (Sold)

Finesse 24s for Sale

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