Saturday, October 11, 2014

‘Bona’ of Southend, a 36' Bawley

'Bona' in 2012 at Ipswich

A month ago I took these photos of the Southend Bawley ‘Bona’ (LO 178) when she was at Titchmarsh Marina. This 36’ classic working boat was built by Aldous of Brightlingsea in 1903. I had previously taken a photo of her when she was at the Maritime Ipswich Festival* in August, 2012.



Photo of ‘Bona’

*Maritime Ipswich Festival – Part 3

Old Gaffers Association

East Coast Gaffers

Titchmarsh Marina


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Unknown said...

Oh my, she is a lovely example of an old working boat.
Long may people have the enthusiasm, skill,wit and money to preserve not only the craft, but all the ancilliary skills required to keep them.