Friday, October 24, 2014

Drascombe Dabber ‘Bramble’

A new Drascombe Dabber without a Mariner 3.5 HP recommended engine will set you back £11,475 - that’s without a road trailer which will cost a further £1,500 inclusive of VAT.  Add to that the cost of a new outboard amounting to about £600 the total outlay would be £13,575!

A used Drascombe Dabber with all the bits and pieces, including a trailer and engine may be had for as little as £3,500.

I saw ‘Bramble’ at Titchmarsh Marina.  As far as I know, she is NOT for sale.



Drascombe Dabber

Drascombe Dabber

Drascombe Association – About Drascombes

Second-hand Complete Package for a 2004 Dabber at £6,250

1975 Drascombe Dabber for Sale £3,500 (Believed to be complete package with engine and trailer)

Drascombe Dabber for Sale £4,100 (Complete package)

Pottering – Part 61 (Featuring photos of a Drascombe Dabber)


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I too like the Drascombes. When I lived in Cornwall, I was working for an outfit building the Longboat Cruisers on sub contract. The one Achilles heel with them was the centreboard pivot. It was a stainless steel dowell glassed in at the lay-up stage. Ive no idea at all how it was dealt with should faults/breakages occurr.

William Serjeant said...


That's a good point. With my 'C' Class West Wight Potter I had to rebuild the centreboard case either side where the bolt for supporting the centreplate passed through. That would be a major job on a Longboat Cruiser.


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I did see the repair when I went to look at 'Sandpiper' at Grafham Water,back in the summer,and an excellennt and thorough job you made of it.